Neuromorphic Computing: Meet the Future of AI

You don’t have to be a part of the tech industry to know that a lot of people are pointing at artificial intelligence as today’s defining technology. What’s more, many experts are saying that we’re living in the AI era (we’ve even said that here in The Daily Bundle!). So, it’s not really surprising that

Why Do Some Programming Languages Live and Others Die?

There are as many programming languages as there are computer scientists with a spark and a wish to write something new. Languages come in all forms, from languages trying to stick to programming paradigms to languages that are outright satire. Considering that there are around 700 programming languages (that we are aware of), it should come as

What To Do When You Lose your Project Lead?

Project Leads can leave a project for any number of reasons. Sometimes life gets in the way of the project, other times we have to let them go if they don’t align with our goals. And sometimes bad luck strikes. If you are lucky and your lead departs on good terms, they will probably stick