Meet Our Expert Teams

Our engineering teams consist of the Top 1% of IT Talent in the industry to guarantee exceptional results. All of our bilingual software engineers have vast experience working with the latest technologies on the most challenging and innovative projects in the market.
This is what sets us apart:

Top 1% IT Talent

After going through a strict selection process, our teams are composed of only the most talented and skilled experts from around the world, with expertise and knowledge in the latest technologies to drive project success.

100% Bilingual Engineers

All of our software engineers have an extremely high English proficiency, which enables them to establish and maintain clear communication practices to effectively meet our clients´ needs.

Time Zone Aligned

Our teams are distributed so that they are always in the same time zone as our clients. This facilitates real-time project management and efficient feedback cycles for faster delivery rates.

We Build Autonomous, Dedicated, and Tailor-Made Development Teams

When you partner with Thunderbird Software Development, you get access to the best developers in the industry. From individual engineers to fully-featured development teams, we will build the perfect team for you.

We deliver top quality solutions for world-class clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

The Benefits of Working with Thunderbird Software Development

Technical Expertise:
We know how to hire the best talent. We receive thousands of applications across the region, and we refine the search with Staffing Hero™, our own AI team-building algorithm, and with our exceptional recruiting team. We have a robust pipeline across a wide spectrum of technologies, like Java, Python, and PHP, and we are always keeping an eye on market trends. Finally, all our candidates go through extensive testing until they are ready to be matched with the senior software engineers, who will undoubtedly add value with the qualified approach and know-how for optimal project delivery.

We are certified in the most innovative technologies and methodologies in the market to build the right solution for your needs, at the right time. Our software engineers undergo a continuous training process that ensures they are aligned with the most relevant trends in the industry. They are always ready to lead projects, no matter how complex, using their know-how and skillsets to execute and produce the best results.

Unmatched Experience:
We are pragmatic and process-oriented. Our engineers have an average of +10 years of experience working on complex projects to provide you with the expertise and results you require. From startups to middle-market businesses and more than 10% of Fortune 500 companies, our teams have worked with companies of all sizes and complexities delivering unparalleled results across all industries and driving their digital transformation to the next level. Our teams know how to execute projects quickly and efficiently.

We focus on the core business problems that our clients need to solve, which are commonly related to scalability and the need to accelerate development towards a roadmap. We carry out the necessary conversations to understand the skills and components required for our team, and we use our proprietary software that will best match candidates with the roles needed for the project. Once completed, we connect our teams with our clients, making it our goal to add the most value and deliver quick results for them.

Specialized Profiles:
From Tech Leads to QA engineers and Project Managers, our teams are composed of experts in all fields. We can provide all the necessary roles to make your project a reality. We have the technical know-how to quickly identify a winning roadmap for your project, managing the best talent to add value every step of the way.

No matter the project’s particular requirements, our experts are always ready to cater to your specific needs. They guarantee the on-time delivery and quality of our solutions. We have dedicated project managers that thoroughly follow up every project with particular attention to KPI’s, and comprehensive internal processes in place that make sure our teams always remain engaged and productive.

These are some of our expert profiles:

SCRUM Master

Responsible for the correct Scrum process implementation, and the maximization of its benefits.

Project Manager

Responsible for managing task definition and planning, product backlog, communication with the client and first level escalation.

Business Analyst

Analyzes customer needs to find solutions, and works with the product owner to understand the scope of the project and suggest improvements.

Technical Lead

Responsible for defining the design, approach, and how development engineers should best implement the project’s architecture.

Software Engineer

Develops software, reviews code and creates unit tests. All senior engineers have more than 8 years of experience.

Software Architect

Defines the project’s architecture. Develops software, reviews code and creates unit tests.

Automation Engineer

Identifies the most cost-effective test cases to automate, implements and maintains them as the product evolves.

QA Engineer

Along with the PM is responsible for planning, designing and executing the test phases.

UX/UI Designer

Works with client business leaders and end users to ensure that the product interface has a design that guarantees user adoption and ease.

DevOps Engineer

Builds and maintains the CI/CD pipeline and configuration of the tools and environments to streamline the software delivery process.

For a company that runs on talent, diversity is essential. We are guided by the belief that talent does not discriminate That means being committed to helping every individual develop their full potential and succeed regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, or economic background.

Working with talent of all backgrounds lets us build diverse teams that enrich our ability to grow and perform in line with the highest standards in the industry. Through initiatives like encouraging collaborators to refer diverse candidates to us or rewarding referrals that lead to the successful hiring of women, we’re able to actively promote diversity and an inclusive work environment.

Respect and empathy for diverse beliefs, passions, and points of view guide us. We continue to empower our teams to be the best versions of themselves, providing them with fantastic opportunities to boost their career growth and guide them with compassion and humility in the most innovative practices in the technology industry, led by our experts.

Smart Working:
Our teams know how to work smart. We have vast experience working with a unique distributed team structure. This allows us to source the top talents worldwide to remotely collaborate together in real-time to deliver powerful technology solutions every time.

Our working methodology allows us to achieve our time to market while also keeping our attrition levels low. We have a robust, distributed working model that improves productivity, quality of life, reduces the carbon footprint, and guarantees overall business continuity. Our working culture rewards high performers, encourages career growth for our team, and offers continuous training possibilities, thus creating an environment for success.