Laser-Precision Team Selection

We know your goal is where your focus is. That’s why Staffing Hero™ was designed with one thing in mind: to let you reach for the most challenging and ambitious goals without having the limitation of not finding the right team for them.

Staffing Hero™ is a fast, effective AI solution for building exceptionally talented technology teams tailored specifically to each clients’ unique needs and goals. This complex machine learning–powered algorithm matches all the client’s criteria—whatever you come up with—and selects for multiple variables, such as industry expertise, technology stack, IT infrastructure, and project scope and size, to come up with the best, most qualified Thunderbird Software engineering team for the client’s project.

Where does Staffing Hero™ look for your ideal match?

Staffing Hero™ draws from over 3,000 Thunderbird Software Development engineers, the Top 1% of Tech Talent in Australia, and has access to the largest expert software engineering talent pool available—over 1.2 million technology professionals. Thanks to its diversity in geography and industry experience, perfect team building is now possible.

What we mean when we say Top 1% of IT:


10+ years of field experience

Highly-specialized engineers

Excellent communications skills

How Staffing Hero™ sets you free

With Staffing Hero™, you’re free to imagine the most complex and precise projects, as you’ll always have the ideal team to reach a solution. Here’s how:

Processes the unique project requirements in a flash.

Searches our database to match all the criteria for the perfect team, such as seniority, specific technology stack and industry experience, performance and client reviews.

Cross references all data and delivers the ideal team for the challenge.

How did we build the Staffing Hero™ database? Find out more about our comprehensive recruitment process.

Why Staffing Hero™ is a Game Changer

Highest standards

Identifies the highest caliber engineers working in software development.


Reduces search time to a few seconds, and autonomous delivery teams are setup in a matter days, regardless of team size or role complexity.


Customizes for each client’s unique needs and project requirements with sophisticated AI.


Constantly refreshes its database with new findings from all over the region.


100% reliable at providing the most precise match to the project’s criteria.